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Lights, Camera, Action


Week Beginning 18th May - Lights, Camera, Action


Watch a film of your choice and send us in your review and recommendations!

Talk Time

KS1: How have you watched visual entertainment?


KS2: What is visual entertainment and how has it changed? Use this infprmation to explore the history of visual cinema.

How do the characters know what to say and do?

Where do you watch entertainment media?

Theatre, cinema, TV, ipad, tablets, DVDs.

What’s your favourite film and why? What type of genre is it?

How do directors enhance mood with sound?



Act out a story


Read and/or watch a familiar story. Act out the story. You can do this with your family, friends over video call or using your toys an bears to help you.

Make puppets for your story.


You may wish to use the same or different story as yesterday. You can make the puppets by drawing/printing pictures, playdough (why not make your own) or any other resources you have at home.

Film yourself or ask a family member to film you performing with your story with puppets.


You could use movie maker, iMovie or still shots using a camera.

If you haven’t got an electrical device, why not create a cartoon strip (option 1, option 2).

 Freeze frame fun



Take a picture challenge- This is like a freeze frame


 Time to make your own flick book


Thaumatrope or a flick book

Flickaclip app- this is a free app which allows you to create a flickbook

Or create a flickbook / flipbook on paper.


Make a prediction about what film might be like in the future


Look again at this infprmation, think about how entertainment has changed.


Using everything you have learned, and everything you know about film, make one prediction about the future of film. You can write a paragraph or talk to someone about this 

Creating your own film character


Take a look at these film characters to help you think of your own.


Why not use a range of media such as;



dress up a doll

draw a picture

create it on an app etc

Design and Make a theatre or film set 


This can be as complicated or as simple as you want to make it.


Things to think about

Will it be for the character you created in the last session?

 The setting in your favourite film?

An image in your imagination from a book or dream? 

Check this out

Describe your favourite film to somebody else.


Use this tick sheet and see how many you can tick off in your description.


If stuck for ideas, take a look on  The Literacy Shed


Extension- dice and card game.

Create your own sound effects to your favourite film


Learn about ‘Foley Sound effects’then have a go at adding your own sound effects


You could either;

-Create your own film on an iPad and then add the sound

- select your favourite scene in a film and find ways to create the sound. This could be footsteps, rustling of leaves, bangs and crashing. Be inventive.

- draw out your film scenes on a cartoon strip and write down what sounds would be heard and how you would create them.


History of entertainment- timeline activity


Watch the PowerPoint again and create a timeline of film. Use these attached resources to help you.

THEN write a paragraph about how film has changed from these early days in the film industry to the films you watch today.

  • Sounds, colour, time length, animation, characters, equipment used.

Characters- learn about characters within films and shows.


Why not create your own character which you will then be using in your theatre in the next session


Look here for your acivity 

Make a theatre  


 Use this link to help you

Create your own music/dance videousing an app of your choice.

Or using your character and theatre act out a scene of your own choice. Maybe one you’ve designed yourself or put your character into a favourite book or film.


Why not send it in for us to watch and share (but remember that you need to ask before you send).

Write a film review

Choose one short film from The Literacy Shed to watch and complete a film review. You can use the template or write your own using the guidance sub-headings from the template. Send it in to your class email and we’ll share your recommendations on the school website!

Just a note about The Literacy Shed – there are lots of ‘sheds’ to look at all grouped into themes; pick a theme and select a short clip to watch – there are lots to choose from!

Send it in to your class email and we’ll share your recommendations on the school website!


Click here for template