St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School



Week beginning 8th June



Captain James Cook

Amelia Earhart

Modern explorer - Ellen MacArthur

Fictional explorer

1 *

Life is very different in Antarctica.

What would you like to know about Antarctica?

Task- Before you watch the video clip write down some questions and see if you can answer them after watching the video clip.

e.g., What animals live in Antarctica?

Now watch this

Penguins are one of the few animals that live in Antarctica.

Task- could you make your own pine cone penguin?

Use the link below to help you.

Now you can watch this


watch this  video to find out about Captain James Cook!


Task- Choose 1 or you might decide to do both

1) Use the aboriginal designs to make your own aboriginal artwork!

take a look at this


2) you could make your own aboriginal themed handprint.

This will give you some ideas


Watch this clip about Ellen MacArthur and then take a look at this Powerpoint 

 Task- Why not have a go at making your own sailing boat just like MacArthur. Have a look at the picture above to get some inspiration.

You could test out several different materials to see which one is the best sailing material.

We look forward to seeing some of your fantastic boats!

Ellen MacArthur managed to sail around the world in a very quick time but could you do any better?

  Optional task- Have a go at designing a future sail boat.

Think about what special features it might have. Maybe your sail boat is a different shape or is a different size to the one MacArthur sailed.

 Listen to this story all about Amelia Earhart, didn’t she do some wonderful things!


 Task- Why not try making your very own airplane. Use this link to help you.

Who will pilot your airplane?


You could imagine that you are on an adventure just like Amelia Earhart and write a diary about all the things you did.

 What about- practising spelling the days of the week in your diary and write about what you did first, next and last.

Listen to this audio book, Man on the Moon


 Task-  After listening to the story can you draw and write what things you think Bob should take with him to the moon. Maybe you could think about the reasons why he should take that item.


 Optional task- You could build your very own space rocket and fill it with some wonderful surprises. Use the link to help you.

2 **


Watch this video to find out about Robert Falcon Scott’s journey to the South Pole.


What would it be like to live in the South Pole?

Watch this clip to find out and make some notes:


  Task- Imagine that you are on a trip to Antarctica! Write a postcard to your family back in England and tell them what it’s like.


Post card and worksheet

You might like to do this word search too!


Watch this video to find out about Captain James Cook.


Use aboriginal designs to create your own boomerang.

 If you throw it, will it come back?



Watch this video to find out about Ellen MacArthur.


If you were going to set off on a journey to explore the world, what would you like to discover on your travels?


Show your journey on the world map.

Using the pages template, make a mini booklet all about your adventures.


World map and template



Watch this video to find out about a female explorer - Amelia Earhart.


Your task is to see how far you can make an object fly!

Make a catapult. You could make one using lolly sticks and elastic bands.


Click the worksheet below for links to the websites, images and the worksheet.


Worksheet and links


Measure the flight of an object and convert from centimetres à metres and metres à centimetres.


Jazz Harper text  – read chapter 1

Imagine that you go to Mars on an expedition but you do find an alien!


Use the worksheet below to draw your alien and write a diary entry about the day that you found it.




You might also like to build yourself a rocket pack to help you get to Mars!

 Why not take a look at this

3 ***


Watch this video to find out about Robert Falcon Scott’s journey to the South Pole.

Task - Imagine what it would have been like to have been one of the Antarctic explorers. Write a diary entry showing thoughts and feelings using the worksheet below.



Watch this video to find out about Captain James Cook!


Task - Use the pdf to find some examples of aboriginal art.

Can you use dots to create your own fantastic piece of artwork? Often the pictures depicted native animals or journeys. You can take inspiration from the pictures below and use the templates to help with your design. Think carefully about the colours you could use.



Ellen MacArthur

Watch this video to find out about Ellen MacArthur.

Ellen has achieved more than most people could imagine already, yet her message to others remains "the most incredible thing is yet to come."

What are your goals for the future? What would you love to achieve?


Task- Can you complete the worksheet or make a poster where you set out your dreams and aspirations for the future? You can use the sheet to help you or be creative with how you wish to display your ideas.


 Watch this video to find out about a female explorer - Amelia Earhart.


Task- to find out about the lines of latitude and longitude which Amelia used to help navigate her way.

Use the video  and the pdf information pages. Then undertake the activity.



Marvellous Maps

Every explorer needs a good map!

Watch the video about maps below to help you understand a little more about them.

Task- Can you create either an ordnance Survey style map or a map for a fictional character?

Look at the worksheets below and choose a task.