St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

Inventors and Inventions




Week Beginning 20th April- Inventions and Inventors


Electricity (light)

What would life be like without light?

Can you think about light and how it came about?

How is it made?

Who invented the electric light?


Click here for a template to jot down your thoughts on, if you wish.


Talk to members of your family or think why the wheel was invented?  You could use this template to show your thoughts

You could take a look at this


Henry Ford was an early inventor of transport. 



Talk to members of your family or just have a think about what communication means. You can use the template to help you display your thoughts.




What is a medicine and what is a medical invention?


Think about medicines you or family members use to keep you healthy.


You can use the worksheet to help you to show your findings

Get creative

Invent something new or maybe you could improve a pre-existing invention.


If you want to get really creative why not junk model your invention.

See the attached sheet for extra ideas



Look around your house as investigators: Look for sources of manmade light (not the sun) a light that needs power. You could then make a poster, a leaflet or an annotated picture of your finding.

Investigate: find all things that have a wheel on them. How many different things (eg, household items, toys, garden, transport).

You could use this grid to show your findings

Match picture with the type of communication. Skype, message, post, phone etc.



Using the worksheet attached, cut out the images, ask an adult to help you read the words and then match the medical invention with its name.

Invent something that is real to you.

All inventions come from a problem. What is the problem can they invent something to fix the problem?  Design or Make


Why not choose a source of manmade light and investigate where the light come from – research further. Ie, How is the light made (power), where the light source is, what its purpose, how is it powered and cased?

Chose a type of transport and create an image (photo, a drawing, picture off the internet). Why not try to find the weirdest item that uses wheels. Label the image, explain how the wheel and axle work. Either create your own or use the attached worksheet as a starting point.

Can you order these inventions from the earliest to the most recent?  See this worksheet

Choose a medicine or piece of medical equipment and about why it was invented

This link may help 


Fact file: choose one source of manmade light and look into who invented it eg. the light on the Alexa or LED light Find a different inventor of light eg the florescent light/solar light/LED light

For example; Who invented light?

Create a timeline of how the wheel has evolved and has changed our lives. Use pictures and write an explanation. Think about the way we transport things, create your own or use the worksheet as a guide.

Talk to a grown up about how they communicated when they were your age. Remember to social distance!!

Then design an informative poster, word document or power-point about the two comparisons?

Click here for extra guidance

Now can you think about how this medication or medical invention has evolved over time.

Extra information available here