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Shops and Shopping




Designing and Making a shop

  • Talk to a grown up about what kind of shops you can think of. You can record your ideas on this mind map. Look at these pictures for ideas.
  • Collect items within your home. What items would you sell? How would you organise these? What would your shop name be? Where would you pay for your items?
  • Maybe you could make a toy shop, a green grocer or a shoe shop. Have a look at this example of a supermarket.
  • You could make your own vegetables for a green grocer using this salt dough recipe.


How much do your items cost?

  • Your shop will need some prices. Using numbers 1-10, or 1-20, or 1-50, put some price labels on the things in your shop. You can use these examples to help you.
  • Can you order them from the least expensive to the most expensive?
  • Can you make any other labels and signs for the shop? Use these (7) examples as ideas.
  • Has your shop got any special offers on at the moment?


Let’s go shopping!

  • Can you work out how much you spend if you buy 2 or 3 things by adding the prices together?
  • If you had 20p / 50p / £1 – how much change would you get?
  • Role play with someone this activity to increase your confidence with addition and working out the change.
  • Could you make a receipt to show the total price? See an example  here.


Window Display

  • Look at the  pictures of shops window displays
  • What do you notice?  What is the same about each one?
  • What is important for a shop display to have?
  • Design and draw your shop window display.  Would it attract the customers? Use this  template to help you.


Music Time

  • Learn some shopping rhymes
  • 5 currant buns, one potato two potato, hot cross buns
  • Can you make some percussion instruments with items from around the home?  Maybe a guitar from an old shoe box and elastic bands, or a bottle containing beads or buttons or you could use a spatula and sauce pan?
  • Practise using these alongside your singing.
  • Can you keep you keep to the beat of the music?





Stepping back in time!


Hello children, we are going to have an exciting week this week thinking about shops; what are our favourite shops, the history of shops in Spalding and how our high street has changed. We are going to think about products that we can buy (or can’t buy at the moment!) from the supermarkets and develop our own.

Can you take a look at the information attached for today’s work and delve into the history of Spalding town centre. Leap back in time and see what our high street used to look like and have a go at designing your own town centre.

Click here 


What do you know about breakfast cereals?

Yesterday you delved into the history of Spalding high street – did you manage to identify all the streets and shops? Today we are going to change direction a little and focus on breakfast cereals. Starting with a bit of history, then begin to think about designing a new product of your own. Today’s task is to use the information from the attached document and investigate a few well known cereal company web pages to see what else you can learn.  Produce a Fact File on Breakfast Cereals before tomorrow when you will be asked to start designing a new cereal.

Click here


Have a go at being a food technician and create a new cereal


Today you will be designing a new cereal that you would like to sell in the supermarkets. Follow the instructions on the attached document to help you with this task – get creative!!!

 Click here

Design a new box for your product!



Now you have designed a new breakfast cereal you will need a box to put it in. Today’s task is to design a box for your new breakfast cereal to go in. Don’t forget to use your design sheet from yesterday to make sure you have all the details or follow today’s instructions on the attached sheets. Don’t forget an eye-catching logo or a character to promote your brand!

……..Maybe extend your learning and have a go at making a jingle for your new product.

Click here 

Get creative…!




And Finally – put all your learning together to create a breakfast cereal box using the design from yesterday, have fun making it look as realistic as possible.

 Click here

We’d love to see your creations, so please send photos of any of your work that you feel proud of this week.  Have a great weekend and stay safe!



If you have selected this level then you are going to spend this week planning and creating your own shop – a Lockdown shop to help people stop the boredom that the current Lockdown can create.


Today’s task is to decide which products you might want to sell.


Use this link to find out more details about how this should be done.


Shops daily tasks


Today is all about deciding on the prices for the product range you have selected for your store.


Again, see the link below for more detail on what you need to try and achieve.


Shops daily tasks

The task today is linked to the maths you may have done this morning – percentages.

You are going to use this knowledge to work out the cost price that your supplier is going to charge you for the items you are going to sell in your shop.


Use the link below for more detail on this task.


Shops daily tasks

You are now ready to create your shop.


Use the link below to follow the Day 4 instructions on how to draw a scale drawing floor plan for your shop.


Have fun creating this.


Shops daily tasks


Scale drawing master sheet

Sclae drawing example

squared paper

You are nearly there!


Your last task before launch is the exciting bit – how much money you are going to make!


Follow the usual link to find out how to complete the spreadsheet for your shop so that you can see how much profit you might make.


Shops daily task


Do let me know how you got on with this week’s topic.


I wonder who was going to end up making the most money.