St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School


Trees and Plants 


Leaf people

 Collect some leaves and make your own leaf people.


 leaf people

Can you do some leaf rubbings?

Watch this clip for ideas



What part of the plant do we eat?


Cut out the different fruits and vegetables and sort them by which part of the plant we eat.

This information might help you


Shake a tree/bush and see what bugs you can find.

Click here for some ideas


Collect sticks and leaves can you make a model?



What does a plant need to survive? Watch this clip to give you some ideas.

Draw a diagram and label it to show us what a plant needs to live.

What can you grow from foods you have at home?


Watch this clip to see how


Can you grow any other crops from scraps?

Why not have a go?


Identifying trees by their leaves. When you go out on a walk, see what trees you can find.


Use this leaf identification sheet to help you

Learn how to draw a tree


Simpler video tutorial


More complex trees

Design your own tree house

(you don’t actually have to build it – it is just for fun!)


Click here for some ideas


Daffodil dissection

Watch this video and have a go yourself.

(Remember to get permission first before picking flowers from your garden!)

Find out about pollination


Use this video to help you then present what you have found out in any way you like.


Watch this clip, which shows you how plants drink water, and try the experiment if you can.


Write about what you did and what you have found out.

Find out about deforestation.


 How could we protect the trees?


Use this PowerPoint to find out more information

Did you know that there are lots of ways to measure the height of a tree?


These pages will help you:

Measuring trees 1

Measuring trees 2

Measuring trees 3

Extra: The Magic Faraway Tree -  listen to the audio book…