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Art and Artists


Self portrait- How to draw a self portrait


Look at this information about self –portraits here.


Have a go at drawing your own self portrait here using these instructions.


Self portrait- Abstract self portrait collage


Draw and colour your self portrait in bright colours. Cut and stick them to create an abstract collage. You can make your own or use the ideas here and here.

Abstract- Mondrian


Read this information about primary colours and the artist Mondrian who liked to paint with primary colours.


Have a go at making a Mondrian collage with primary colours. You will need different sized squares and rectangles.

Abstract- Mark Rothko


Read this information about secondary colours.


Experiment mixing colours and then have a go at your own colour field painting.

Have a go at these colouring pages and consider which colours to use for it to be in the style of Mondrian and Rothko


Self Portraits – have a go at drawing yourself.  You can use lots of different materials like chalk, watercolours or just a pencil. Here are some instructions to help you



Self Portrait – Cubist style


Taking inspiration from Picasso and have a go at being adventurous with shape and bold colours – get some ideas from here (1) and use this sheet (2) to help you.



Landscape – Impressionist Style


Today you can look at the work of Monet.  He had a great passion for painting his garden and used a very unusual style of painting.  Take a look here to have a go at his style using your fingers!



Mosaic – in the style of Gaudi


Learn about this famous architect and how he used mosaic which is called TRENCADIS. Take a look at his work here.






Friday Fun!


Follow this link to have a go at doodling yourself – the instructions are really easy to follow and the end doodles are really great!








You are going to start by looking at portraits and today is the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

 Watch the Power point below about his work.

 Giuseppe Arcimboldo

 Now have a go at making a portrait like the ones on the link below.

Images of food portraits

 If you cannot use real fruit and vegetables, use the sheet below with paper pictures of various fruit and vegetables to make the portrait – or draw them yourself!

Food images to use




Today, you are going to look at portraits again but, like yesterday, they will not look quite like a real person – they will be abstract self- portraits.

Firstly, read the Power Point below about what abstract art is and some of the artists who worked in this field of art.

 What is abstract art?

Now follow the instructions on the link below to create your own abstract self portrait of yourself.

Abstract self portrait

Use the pdf tutorial to guide you through completing this art.

Of course you can use any art material to colour this; it does not have to be water colour paints.


Today, we move away from portraits to look more closely at some abstract artists.

The first is Piet Mondrian.

Take a look at the links below to learn a little more about him.

Piet Mondrian link

Piet Mondrian Power Point

 Now create an abstract picture in the style of Mondrian using only rectangles and squares of different sizes and only the primary colours with black lines.

The link below gives you some examples of pictures inspired by this style of art.

Mondrian style pictures

This final link is a template you could colour in if you are struggling to draw rectangles yourself.

Mondrian template


The next abstract artist you are going to look at is Robert Delauney (and his wife Sonia).

Robert Delauney

 Now you are going to create your own Delauney style work using circles.

 Delauney examples

 You can use the link below to follow some instructions.

Delauney style art

 Or, if you feel brave have a go entirely by yourself.

Drawing circles can be the tricky bit!

The link below gives you a tutorial on how best to draw freehand circles.

Freehand circles


Good Luck


Finish off


Today is simply put aside for you to complete any of this week’s other work you could not complete in the time you had each day.


Do send your teacher pictures of any of the artwork you create.