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Everyone has that one favourite game that they love to play.


Ask someone in your family what their favourite game is.


Maybe they still have it and can show you or even play it together.


Draw a picture of their favourite game and write one or two sentences explaining what they liked about it.




 Use the link below to make your own bingo game.

Remember it is all about matching the pictures on the card to the pictures on your board.




You could even have a go at making your own bingo game with a theme that you like.


Have a go at this interactive bingo game, how fast can you shout bingo!


Favourite Game!

 What is your favourite game to play?

It could be a board game, computer game anything!

Draw a picture of your favourite game and write a set of instructions on how to play.


Use the worksheet to help write your instructions

 Remember to use your bossy verbs and numbered points. Make sure it’s clear and easy to understand.


Design a board game!

 Have a look at some of these templates to gain some inspiration!

Board game templates

Game card templates


Your game can be anything you want!

Maybe you could design a quiz game about your favourite subject or a monopoly style game which sells football clubs!


You could even make your game and play it with someone in your house.


Interactive Games


Hook a fish – move the mouse left and right to position the bait and up and down to catch the fish.


Snakes and ladders – use the interactive dice to move along the board.


Connect 4 – move the mouse right and left to choose the right spot.



Look at this worksheet with a partner and list as many board games as you can. How many did you think of? Challenge your adults to find more!


When your adult was your age, what was their favourite game?

Ask your adult to teach you how to play their favourite game!



Watch this to learn how to play:


Watch this to learn how to play Battleships:


Make your own paper version of Battleships.


You could even make your own game, based on Battleships!


Have a go at this interactive game of Battleships:


Make it more complex by clicking options to change the board size and the number of ships.


Which is your all-time favourite game? Is it a board game, a game that you play outside or a PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo game?


Design a poster to advertise your favourite game, which will persuade people to buy it!


This is what a great persuasive poster should include: worksheet





Make your own Snakes and Ladders game using this worksheet and ideas





Tetris – use up arrow to turn the shape. Use left, right and down arrow to change the position.


Pacman game – use arrow keys to change direction


Pong!-  Use K to move the line upwards and M to move downwards.


Noughts and crosses



Can you design a board game of your own? Maybe it could be based on Maths and involve calculations you have to solve if you land on a square? It could be based on a topic of learning you have been covering e.g. Rainforests. It could be based on a book you have read like Kensuke’s Kingdom. What will your board look like? What playing pieces will you have? Will you have questions the players have to solve?

You can use the templates below to help.


Board Templates 

What makes a good computer game? 

Follow the planning link below and watch the first two videos.

Can you create your own computer game character?

In Year 5, we used Scratch to create a Maze game – perhaps you could design a new Sprite to travel through the Maze or create an idea for a new Scratch game.


Watch me


 Create a character for a computer game template 

Top Trumps


 This is a great game to play. The cards can be based on so many different things from animals, dinosaurs to Superheroes.


Use the example Top Trumps cards below to remind you how to play and then make your own. You could choose a topic you have been studying or make up your characters – e.g. different dragons from How to Train your Dragon. Be creative!


Endangered animals Example

Blank Cards Template

Invent a Playground Game.

In school, we have playground equipment that we can use during our breaks to play games. Can you create a game that could be played with a small group of people using the playground apparatus? You could select cones, a bouncy ball and some chalk to make a game where you have to get the ball to bounce in a target area to score points. Think carefully about the equipment you will need and the rules of the game.

Use the pictures to remind yourself of some of the different pieces of equipment we have.

 Get creative!


Equipment Images 

Bonjour! Time to practise some French vocabulary.


Recap on the French vocabulary you learnt in Year 5 using the information below.


Vocabulary Recap PDF

Use the link below to practise the vocabulary for different sports using these snap cards.


Snap Cards


Can you create a simple snap game using the French vocabulary you have learnt this year?