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This week we are learning about famous people


Florence Nightingale

Today, as your first famous person, we are going to explore Florence Nightingale.

There have been new hospitals recently built called the Nightingale Hospitals and NHS workers such as nurses and doctors have been thanked and celebrated. Florence Nightingale was a famous nurse who bought about changes to hospitals in Victorian times. This has impacted our lives today.  Read the information on Florence Nightingale here.

Complete the worksheet comparing Victorian and modern day hospitals.


The Queen

Today we are going to learn about Queen Elizabeth II. Read the information here.


Task 1 - On Saturday 13th June, it is the queen’s official birthday. Can you design a birthday party invitation for her? Use the template here.


Task 2 – Can you design your own royal crown? Use the template here.

Van Gogh

Today we are going to learn about the famous artist Van Gogh. Read the information here.


One of Van Gogh’s famous paintings in called Sunflowers and was painted in 1888. Today you are going to create your own sunflower art. Click here for instructions.

Van Gogh

Yesterday you learnt about the famous artist Van Gogh.


Can you go outside and look at a flower? Have a go at sketching and creating your own flower picture. You can choose whether you use paints or colouring pencils.


Today you will be learning about your first famous person this week - Florence Nightingale.  This made me think of the new Nightingale hospitals that have been opened in the UK and were named after Florence because she had an impact on how hospitals became better places during the Victorian times.  Have a look  HERE to learn some more about Florence and have a go at the tasks at the end – or make your own Florence lamp HERE

The Queen Elizabeth II has been our queen for over 60 years – that’s a long time! Learn all about our Queen HERE. Over the next two days you can choose two of the following three tasks:

1-You could have a go at making a time line about her (there’s a template HERE

2- Write an acrostic poem like this ONE 

3 -Create your own fact file with some amazing facts.

Don’t forget we love to see your work!!!

Vincent van Gogh is a famous artist – we wonder if you can recognise some of his famous paintings.  Learn about Gogh HERE and have a go at being an artist like him.  There are a few tasks for you to do so get your best crayons, felts or paints out…….!

Here is the LINK to task one for today can you paint in the style of Vincent Van Gogh?

Yesterday you learnt about Vincent Van Gough today you can learn about another one of his famous paintings – SUNFLOWERS and have a go at sketching, painting or creating this painting yourself.


We are really excited to see your work!!!


Have a great week!


For those of you selecting this level of work you are going to spend the week researching the lives of three famous scientists relating to a Year 6 topic that you would have done if you were in school at the moment.

So if you are in Year 6, you will not miss this learning and if you are in Year 5 selecting this work, you will be class experts this time next year.

 The three scientists are: Charles Darwin, Alfred Wallace and Mary Anning.

All three worked in the field of Evolutionary changes and what fossils tell us about animal ilfe in the past.

 By the end of the week, we would like you to have found out about their lives and the scientific work they did and completed some form of fact file on those 3 people. These can be presented in any form you wish (paper fact files, Power Point etc…)

 In the Tuesday box are links to websites or Power Points that may help you get started. Otherwise, carry out your own research.

Make notes first from your research and convert these into your preferred method of presentation later in the week.

 If you are a Year 6, who will be coming back to school on Wednesday, just focus on Charles Darwin.


Continue your research and fact file completion work on:

 People in Evolution pp

 Charles Darwin

 Darwin NHM

 Darwin NG

 Darwin pp

 Darwin video

 Darwin and Wallace video

 Alfred Wallace

 Alfred Wallace NHM

 Alfred Wallace pp

 Mary Anning

 Mary Anning website

 Mary Anning

 More Mary Anning

 BBC on Mary Anning

Continue your research and fact file completion work on:

Charles Darwin

Alfred Wallace

Mary Anning

Continue your research and fact file completion work on:

Charles Darwin

Alfred Wallace

Mary Anning

Complete yourfact file work on:

Charles Darwin

Alfred Wallace

Mary Anning