St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

Welcome to Reception!

Introducing our Reception Team:

Mrs Duffill, Mrs Baggaley and Mrs Johnson are the teachers and Mrs Beardwell and Mrs Rangeley are the teaching assistants.

We have had a super start to our Autumn Term and it has been wonderful to meet our new children of September 2020.  We have been so impressed with how quickly they have settled into school and to see them happily make new friendships as they learn through play.

Phonics Books

 Thank you for supporting your child with their practise in writing their graphemes in their phonics books at home. This will enable them to develop the correct letter formation and good pencil control.  Each week we will be sticking 4 new sounds in and the children will be able to collect shiny stars from their teachers to put on the front cover of their books, to reward their efforts. 

Ask your children to show you the action for each phoneme and encourage them to think of words or look for objects that begin with that initial sound.   


Reading Books

In school, the children are engaged in a range of activities to  develop their love of books and facilitate their early reading skills.  As part of this, they have begun to bring home a reading book to share with you. Please talk to them about the illustrations on each page to develop their understanding of the events in the book and their use of language. 

If their book has text in it, ask them to point to each word and then say each sound in it before supporting them to blend the sounds to read the words.  Some words cannot be read phonetically.  We call these 'tricky words' and your child will need to learn to gradually recognise these by sight. When your child reads their book with you at home, please write in the comments section of their reading record, to let us know how they have got on. 

Our Autumn Term 2 Topics

FIREWORKS: During this topic we will be:   

  • Learning about firework safety.
  • Using 2D shapes to make firework pictures and 3D shapes to make rocket models using a variety of different construction resources.
  • Learning the names and properties of 2D & 3D shapes.
  • Using different media to create some firework picture collages.
  • Matching quantities to numerals, and making sure we count accurately.
  • Recognising and ordering numerals forwards and backwards.
  • Using non-fiction books to find out about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate Bonfire NighT

DIWALI: During this topic we will be:  

  • Finding out why Hindus celebrate Diwali.
  • Learning about the story of Rama and Sita and re-telling it using props.
  • Making Diwali cards.
  • Drawing Mehendi and Rangoli patterns.
  • Discussing different cultures and beliefs.
  • Using 2D shapes to help make Mendhi patterns, and 3D shapes to make different religious buildings.
  • Recognising and ordering numbers to 10 and beyond.

LIGHT AND DARK: During this topic we will be: 

  • Learning in our Dark Den role play area, investigating torches and making silhouette & shadow pictures.
  • Discussing and labelling different light sources.
  • Looking at real clocks & watches, making our own paper clock or watch, and talking about what we do at different times of the day.
  • Talking about keeping safe when it is dark.
  • Making some simple electrical circuits.

CHRISTMAS: During this topic we will be:

  • Finding out why Christians celebrate Christmas.
  • Learning a nativity play.
  • Making and writing Christmas cards.
  • Writing a list or letter for Father Christmas.
  • Weighing Christmas presents.
  • Ordering numbered Christmas trees.
  • Singing Christmas songs and using instruments to accompany them.
  • Making Christmas items using creative and cutting skills.

   Please support our topic by talking at home with your child about their learning.

 Thank you.


Below are some of our news items which celebrate the learning at home of our previous Reception children from March 2020 onwards...

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Our 2019 - 2020 Reception children have had great fun in school and at home with our learning activities linked to our Celebrations topic.  We shared stories including 'Kipper's Birthday' by Mick Inkpen and 'The Scarecrows' Wedding' by Julia Donaldson. 

The children have been busy planning parties as well as thinking about how they can help others.  They have enjoyed making model scarecrows as well as musical instruments.


Outdoor Learning at Home!

Find ideas to try Outdoor Learning activities to do at home on our webpage.

Pirate Topic!

Our Reception children who are learning at home and those learning in school, have been having great fun with our pirate topic!  They have been imagining what it would be like to be a pirate and even creating their own pirate ships and treasure maps. Using their clever phonics skills and imagination, they have been writing a message in a bottle too.





Outdoor Learning at Home!

If you are going on a walk, exploring a local outdoor area or playing in your garden, you may like to have a go at some of these outdoor learning activities. Click this link to take a look at Mrs Llewellyn's suggestions!

Minibeast Creations!

 Our children have been very busy at home and in school learning about minibeasts.






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