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Reception Children!

 We are so proud of all of our children's efforts and achievements both at home and school during their time in Reception.

We think you all deserve a virtual certificate for your brilliant learning.


Mrs Cooke and Miss Freeman really enjoyed meeting our Reception children via TEAMs video call and are very much looking forward to them joining Year One, in September.

We would like to wish all of our Reception children and their families a very happy summer break.   

Sending you lots of happy wishes 


 Mrs Duffill, Mrs Baggaley and the Reception Team

For information about virtual 'Zoom' sessions for early years children, run by the Children's Centre,  please click here for the timetable and here for how to access the sessions

Supporting Your Child With Phonics:

We have created a PDF called 'Supporting Your Child With Phonics' to help provide parents with an overview of the stages of learning in phonics. 

 The Department for Education have started uploading daily phonics lessons to the Letters and Sounds YouTube Channel.  You may like to use this in conjunction with the other resources provided.  The YouTube Channel breaks the learning into 3 sections, Reception, Year 1 and Learning to Blend. Please select the level you feel is appropriate for your child.  [Please note, that these lessons look at alternative pronunciations of graphemes within 'tricky words' rather than using pure 'word recognition' strategies.  Please use the approach that is best for your child.]

 Click here to view Phase 5 graphemes, if you feel your child is secure with Phase 2 and 3. Click here for a Phase 2,3 & 4 Tricky Word Mat. Click here for a Phase 5 Tricky Word Mat.

Please click on this link here to read again about our 7 areas of learning and how to continue to support your child with daily reading.

Don't forget that you can go onto Phonics Play, who have temporarily given free access to a range of phonics games, to support children in developing their phonics skills: 

Username: march20    Password: home     

 Learning From W/C: 13.7.20

13.7.20 14.7.20 15.7.20 16.7.20 17.7.20

Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes 

Reading Activity

 Maths Activity        

Phase 4 Phonics

 Writing Activity              

Phase 3 Phonics Review

 Physical Activity                

 Phase 4 Phonics  

 Role-Play Activity         

Phase 3 Phonics Review 

Learning From W/C: 6.7.20

6.7.20 7.7.20 8.7.20 9.7.20 10.7.20

Understanding the World Activity      

Writing Activity        

Days of the Week

 Story and Creative Activity        

Reading Activity          

Phase 4 Phonics  

 Number Activity              

PSED Activity         

Phase 5 Phonics

 Number Activity                   

Listening Activity                    

Phase 4 Phonics

 Writing Activity         

Creative Activity          

Phase 5 Phonics 


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Outdoor Learning at Home!

In addition to our home-schooling activities and topic tasks set by your year group, you may like to try something a little bit more adventurous! Why not take your learning outside and develop some new skills, take notice of the world around you and appreciate where you live?

Mrs Llewellyn has created a range of ideas that you may like to try when you are in your garden, out on a walk or exploring the local area. If you have a go at any of these tasks, don’t forget to show us what you’ve been up to by sending photos to your class teacher or Mrs Llewellyn (

Explore the Outdoor Learning webpage to find out more.

Our Reception Children's 'Jasper's Beanstalk' Creations

Inspired by the story of 'Jasper's Beanstalk', today the children have been finding different ways to create the characters and features from the book.  We think their ideas are brilliant! 



Look at Our Letters for Jasper!

Our Reception children have been reading the story of Jasper's Beanstalk.  Today they have been writing letters to tell Jasper how to look after his beanstalk.





Look at the plants that our Reception children have been growing!

We are so impressed with the plants and vegetables that our Reception children have been growing at home.  Their beanstalks have grown to be really tall now!


2D Shape Rockets

Learning about different 2D shapes and their properties, today our children have been using them to create these fantastic rocket pictures.


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