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We have now reached the end of Term 5.  We would like to send an enormous "Well done!" to all of our Reception children and their families for the super learning that they have been doing at home throughout this term.

If you would like to find out more about all the children's incredible learning, please scroll down on this page to view our photographs below.  Don't forget to click on 'NEXT' when you get to the bottom of each page to view some more.

We would like to wish you all a very happy half term break.  Let's hope the sun continues to shine for us!  If you are planning to spend some time in your garden or outdoors, you might like to click on the following link for some great ideas:

If you would like to send us a message, we look forward to hearing from you at the following email address:  If you do send us photographs of your child and their learning, we will assume that you are happy for them to appear on this web page. [Please let us know if you would prefer not to have your pictures displayed.] 

 Sending you lots of happy wishes


Mrs Duffill, Mrs Baggaley and the Reception Team  

Supporting Your Child With Phonics:

We have created a PDF called 'Supporting Your Child With Phonics' to help provide parents with an overview of the stages of learning in phonics. 

 The Department for Education have started uploading daily phonics lessons to the Letters and Sounds YouTube Channel.  You may like to use this in conjunction with the other resources provided.  The YouTube Channel breaks the learning into 3 sections, Reception, Year 1 and Learning to Blend. Please select the level you feel is appropriate for your child.  [Please note, that these lessons look at alternative pronunciations of graphemes within 'tricky words' rather than using pure 'word recognition' strategies.  Please use the approach that is best for your child.]

 Click here to view Phase 5 graphemes, if you feel your child is secure with Phase 2 and 3. Click here for a Phase 2,3 & 4 Tricky Word Mat. Click here for a Phase 5 Tricky Word Mat.

Please click on this link here to read again about our 7 areas of learning and how to continue to support your child with daily reading.

Don't forget that you can go onto Phonics Play, who have temporarily given free access to a range of phonics games, to support children in developing their phonics skills: 

Username: march20    Password: home       

Learning From W/C: 18.5.20  

18.5.20 19.5.20 20.5.20 21.5.20 22.5.20

Jasper's Beanstalk Story

Writing Activity

Reading Activity

Maths Activity

Creative Activity

Phonics Activity

Technology and Maths Activity

Writing Activity

Knowledge of the World

Tricky Word Activity

Learning From W/C: 11.5.20  

11.5.20 12.5.20 13.5.20 14.5.20 15.5.20

Counting in 10’s 

Alien Word Phonics

 Write a Space Story 

Create a Nature Picture

 Space Addition & Subtraction 


 2D Shape Picture 

Writing Activity

 Maths Game 

Creative Activity

 Learning From W/C: 4.5.20 

4.5.20 5.5.20 6.5.20 7.5.20 8.5.20

Writing Activity 

Space Role-Play Activity

Space Addition Activity 

Space Reading Activity

Maths Activity – Finding Half

Phonics Activity

 Alien Writing Activity 

Tricky Word Activity

Learning From W/C: 27.4.20 

27.4.20 28.4.20 29.4.20 30.4.20 1.5.20


Farm Addition


Making Mr Potato Head

Make a Puppet Show


Physical and Maths Challenge

Phonics Activity 1


Writing Activity

3D Shapes


Phonics Activity 2


Learning From W/C: 20.4.20

20.4.20 21.4.20 22.4.20 23.4.20 24.4.20

Writing Activity

Imaginative Play Activity

Number Activity


Reading Activity 

Number and Technology Activity


Phonics Activity

Reading and Creative Activity


Small World Play Activity

My Learning Grid

 Learning From W/C: 30.3.20

30.3.20 31.3.20 1.4.20 2.4.20 3.4.20

Reading Activity

The 'Tricky Word' Challenge 

Addition Activity

Creative and Physical Activity

Make a Tally Chart

Writing Clues 

Spring Counting

Phonics Activity

Creative Activity

Writing Activity

 Learning From W/C: 23.3.20

23.3.20 24.3.20 25.3.20 26.3.20 27.3.20


Reading and Topic Ideas for Learning

Maths Activity

Making Activity

Reading Activity

Writing Activity

Maths Activity 


Physical Activity

Phonics Activity 


Topic Activity

My Activity Grid



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Take A Look At Our Nature Collages!

After collecting natural objects from their gardens and local area during their walks, our Reception children have cleverly used them to create pictures that are inspired by our 'Space' topic.


We are learning to count in steps of 10!

Inspired by the Numberblocks, our Reception children have been exploring how to count in steps of 10.


They have been solving addition and subtraction calculations to help them colour a space picture too.  We think their maths and colouring are fantastic! 


VE Day Celebrations At Home

Our Reception children and their families have been sharing their fantastic photographs of their celebrations on the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.


Having Fun Solving Halving Problems!

Our Reception children have been solving problems linked to 'finding half' of an amount.  They created 2 planets and then shared a group of asteroids fairly between them to help them calculate half of the amount.


Look at Our Messages and Letters!

Today, our Reception children have been making their own space capsules and writing messages and letters to put in them.  We think their writing is fantastic! 


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