St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

What is the Governing Body

All schools have a group of people who set the vision and strategic direction of the school. They appoint the school's leadership who lead and manage the school on their behalf and they oversee that work.

At St John's we are an "Aided" school. This means we are not in the control of the Local Authority and instead we are in control of the church who established the school in 1875. This means that half plus one of our Governing Body are appointed by the church.

Our Governing Body has 18 members;

10 Foundation Governors - appointed by the CHurch

(including 1 ex-officio appointment taken by the Parish Vicar or another nominated person)

3 Parent Governors - appointed by election by parents of the children attending the school

1 Local Authority Governor -appointed by Lincolnshire County Council

1 Staff Governor - chosen by staff employed at the school

1 Headteacher Appointment

2 Co-Opted Appointments - positions appointed by the Governing Body to fill gaps in skills when needed