St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

What do I do if I have a concern about my child?

Journeys do not always go smoothly, and your child's journey through school may be no exception. From time to time you may have queries or concerns and we recognise that when this is the case you need to understand what you should do.

In the first instance you should discuss your concern with your child's class teacher. They will probably already be aware of any difficulties that your child may be having with an aspect of their learning. Sometimes a difficulty may be easily resolved with just a little extra class support, or through asking you to help with some targeted task at home.

Concerns about learning may sometimes require a little bit more support. A child's progress may have been limited for a while and they may be getting behind in their progress towards targets. When this is the case the class teacher may decide to use some of our intervention groups / programmes to provide support to help your child move on.

Sometmes difficulties may not be linked to learning. All families have times when stress and strain take their toll. When this is the case the school's Pupil Mentor may be able to help. Our mentor is a "listening ear" and someone who can support all sorts of difficulties that occurr because of the stresses and strains of family and school life.

As children progress through school it can often be the case that there will be times where their progress may plateau. For these children intervention strategies or support from our Pupil Mentor will help them to get back on track. However, some children have difficulties that are more ongoing and when this is the case it may well be that we would suggest considering placing your child on the Special Educational Needs and DIsability register. This means that the difficulties your child is experiencing need more support than we would normally expect to give either through intervention or our pupil mentor. It is at this point that the SEND process begins.