St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

Special Educational Needs

and Disability (SEND) Process

If after receiving intervention we feel that your child is not catching up and they are more than just a 'bit behind' where they should be for their age, we may decide to include him/her on the special needs register.

The SEND register is simply a list of the children in school who are in need of support that is above and beyond that which is provided through the usual day to day teaching.

It may be that your child will be included on  the SEND register for a short period of time until he/ she has caught up to where we would expect them to be. Other children remain on the register for much longer. It depends on their individual needs.

In order to target support in the right way, teachers assess children through a variety of means, but sometimes we need to draw upon other resources available to us in order to have a clearer picture of a child's specific needs.

The information on the left will explain what we might do.