St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

Sport at St John's

St John's has welcomed the additional funding that has been received through the Government's Sports Funding initiative. Last year the school received around £9,000 in sports funding. This year this has risen to around £20,000.

From the onset we have set about trying to utilise this funding to achieve the following aims;

      • to widen the range of sporting opportunities and to engage children in regular physical activity
      • to increase children's opportunity to take part in competitive sports
      • to heighten the profile of sport and physical activity across the school and to raise the quality of sports teaching

This is what we have been doing.......

The school has extended the range of sporting activities it offers to children as part of its after school club offer. Most recently we have offered - Multiskills, Football, Athletics, Various Dance Classes, Tennis, Rugby, Netball, Gym Club, Cheerleading, New Age Curling, Archery and Cricket. Our after school club offer has introduced new sports to children as well as supporting others in improving their skills and talents.

The school has employed specialist coaches to extend sport at lunchtimes. Coaching has covered a range of traditional sports - netball, hockey, athletics, football, tag rugby, tri-golf, tennis, hockey and rounders.These sessions are open to all abilities and have helped to extend the range of skills that our children have across a variety of sports.

In addition to traditional sports activities at lunchtime we have also used funding to employ a sports coach to organise less formal playtime sports and games. These have been popular with those who do not always engage in more traditional sporting activities - and have ensured that physical activity has become more accessible to a greater number of pupils.

As well as inclusive training sessions open to all we have improved our involvement in competitive sports by offering specific coaching and trials to those who have a particular sporting talent. We have taken part in School Games events and festivals, regional sports leagues and interschool tournaments - regularly coming high up the league tables - including winning for South Holland in Tri-Golf, being second in rugby and winning Girls Year 3 /4 Football. Funding has been used to coach these teams and to support transportation costs.

As well as looking at offering sporting opportunities we are also looking at long term strategies to sustain sports development. School staff receive specialist training from a sports coach in an area of sport that they have identified as an area for development.