St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

School Uniform

We have a school uniform at St. John’s because it helps to give all children in school a sense of belonging to the school community. We also find that most parents prefer to have a uniform rather than be pressured into purchasing the latest “designer wear”. We expect children to be dressed neatly and tidily and we hope that all parents will support the wearing of our uniform and help their children to take pride in belonging to St. John the Baptist Primary School.

Whilst most parents prefer to use uniform with the school logo we are aware that cheaper uniform is available from supermarkets and other local stores. The school does not insist that children wear uniform with a logo, and as long as parents choose matching school colours, uniform without a school logo is acceptable.

You can purchase our school's uniform with a logo dirent from our supplier. To save on postage costs you might want to join together with other parents and make a joint order. To access our uniform supplier's website click here.


Details of our uniform are as follows;

Grey trousers, shorts or pinafore dresses, grey socks, navy blue jumpers, fleeces or sweatshirts and sky blue shirt, blouses or polo shirt. Blue gingham or stiped dresses may also be worn in the summer months when the weather is warmer.

Black shoes should be worn and these must be sensible and appropriate. In particular heels should be low. Children should not wear trainers. In bad weather children should change into school shoes or plimsolls if they come to school in wellington boots. Other forms of boots should not be worn in school. In summer children are permitted to wear substantive sandals which are white or black. Dark coloured walking sandals  are also permitted.

Book / P.E. bags

Children should also have a suitable bag to carry home reading books, homework and P.E. kit. These are available from school.


All clothing should be named with your child’s name. Sewn name tags are much better than writing names on labels, as writing will often wear off over a short period of time.


Second Hand Uniform

The school does not have a second hand uniform stock, as we do not have storage facilities. However, we do work with the local Sense Charity Shop, 3-7 Station Street, Spalding. They will often have stock of uniform – especially around the main uniform buying times. If you have good quality uniform that is too small then please donate it to Sense if you cannot find anyone else to use it.