St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

Alternative Work for VE Day


Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday to commemorate VE Day

These are some optional activities that you might wish to undertake to learn about VE day. You might choose to do these instead of Friday’s tasks. The choice is yours.

Find out about VE day by reading the information on the Pdf below.


VE Day


Test your reading skills by answering some questions about the factfile below.


Factfile VE Day


Practise your colouring/ creative skills by making some bunting, design cups/medals or colouring in the pictures. Click on the Links below.


Plain Bunting

Union Jack Bunting

Design a VE day Medal

Design a tea cup to commemorate VE Day

Colouring Sheets


Can you crack the Morse Code messages? Have a go and click on the link below.


Morse Code Messages.



Can you draw an outline of a dove or use the template below and write messages of Peace to display in a window.


Dove Template



Look at the Wartime Recipes. Maybe you could work with a grown up and make a war time recipe.

War Time Recipe.