St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

Well-Being at St Johns

camhs psoters

This is a very useful collection of posters which would support you and your child with their mental well-being. Please look through them and select the ones that would work for you.
download camhs posters here  


anxiety and additional needs

If your child is having difficulties with anxiety or is showing signs of stress, this workbook helps you work through those feelings.

Download Supporting Children with Anxiety and Additional Needs PDF here


managing anxiety

This one-page flier has some straight-forward tips and advice in how to manage anxiety.

Download Managing anxiety PDF here



resources for parents

This is an incredibly useful booklet of links to a vast range of services, learning support and advice-lines to help with any challenges you are facing.

Download Resources for Parents PDF here


 Managing angry feelings

It is common for children to experience heightened emotions, and in some cases anger, in these unusual times. This workbook helps you work through those feelings.
Download Managing angry feelings PDF here



managing health anxiety

This flier is aimed at autistic children, but the advice is sensible for all families.

Download Managing health anxiety PDF here


Sensory Circuits at Home

sensory circuits

The exercises in this document are designed to help children prepare themselves for learning each day, mentally and physically. Have a go and see if you nitice a difference!

Download Sensory circuits PDF here



transition back to school

We all hope that this booklet will be useful very soon!

Download Transition back to dchool PDF here



If you need any support or advice, or if you just need someone to talk to during these difficult times, please call and speak to us:

01775 722644
Ask to speak to one of our mentors