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Year 3

Year 3 Curriculum Map

Literacy Yearly Overview 




Spellings EVERY DAY  - Look at the rule and remember how we sound out the syllables. Then ask your grown ups to test you on Friday.


Times Tables- Use our times table generator to print of or just answer the questions on the screen for the times table that you have been set. 

Other useful Links 

Link to the 'Mathletics' website

Helping your child read with this booklet

What is bar modelling?

Year 3 writing expectation

Guided Reading questions to ask your child




Keep emailing in your photos as we love seeing and sharing them 


Here are the Spelling for the last week of term (even home schools get holidays!!!)


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Mrs Crampton and Mrs Towers




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Thursday 20th May- this week's french lesson


Dear All


Take a look at your french learning for this week here. It is all about learning the names of fruits. 

The Importance of keeping active



The weather is certainly on our side during this lockdown isn't it!!!!

So why not: 

  • do Joe Wicks in the garden
  • take a bike ride
  • have a water fight
  • help your grown up with the gardening
  • create a summer style dance in the gardem to your favourite dance, on go noodle, kidzbop or a dance app on your tablet 
  • or look at links to the Agilitas Sports site on the schools main home learning link on the home page for other ideas


Then as always, impress us with how your staying active. 

it so lovely to speak with you all






Week beginning 18th May

Week beginning:  18th May  




White Rose Maths

Lesson 1 – Add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers

This link will take you to today’s video:

Lesson 1 worksheet

Lesson 1 answers

  1. Look at your spellings for this week on the grid below and sound out, clap out and then write the spelling, segmenting the syllables.

Why not create a word search of your own this week like the one you answered last week? First you need to display the letters. And then add extra letters to hide the words.   Use can use this template to help you

You can also use this daily sheet to help you

  1. 30 minutes reading time, sitting in your favourite chair. You are welcome to then email us and tell us what you have read this morning.


White Rose Maths

Lesson 2 – Add 2 and 3 digit numbers

This link will take you to today’s video:

Lesson 2 worksheet

Lesson 2 answers


Keep practising your spelling


To write clear instructions for the Iron man based on chapter 1- Thought you might like this.

You will need to assess

1)     This first

2)    And now un muddle these



White Rose Maths

Lesson 3  – Subtract 2 digits from 3 digits

This link will take you to today’s video:

Lesson 3 worksheet

Lesson 3 answers


  1. Chapter 1         Chapter 2        Chapter 3       Chapter 4      


Now answer these questions on 


White Rose Maths –

Lesson 4 – Add 3 digit numbers

This link will take you to today’s teaching document:

Lesson 4 worksheet

Lesson 4 answers


  1. Look over your spellings again and either ask a grown up or sibling to test you or do cover, look, write and check.


2 The Iron Man is very brave in the story. He is ‘terribly afraid’ of going into the flames again, but summons all his strength to win the terrible contest in order to save the people of Earth.


Can you think of a time you have been brave, or challenged yourself to do something that frightened you?


Write about what happened, how you summoned the strength to go through with it and how you felt afterwards.


White Rose Maths –

Lesson 5 – Add 2 3-digit numbers – crossing 10 or 100

 teaching slides




Listen to chapter 5 again

Did you think this was a good ending to the story?

What did you like about it?

What didn’t you like about it?


Plan and write your own alternative ending for this story. It can be a happy ending or a sad ending.

What do you think should happen to the Iron Man, the people of Earth and the space-bat-angel-dragon?


This week’s school topic is:  Lights, Camera, Action


From this list of activities, choose the things you would like to do linked to this topic:

* Simpler activities   ***More complex challenges.

Jools and Matty's Under the sea topic

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