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Year 3

Year 3 Curriculum Map

Literacy Yearly Overview 




Spellings EVERY DAY  - Look at the rule and remember how we sound out the syllables. Then ask your grown ups to test you on Friday.


Times Tables- Use our times table generator to print of or just answer the questions on the screen for the times table that you have been set. 

Other useful Links 

Link to the 'Mathletics' website

Helping your child read with this booklet

What is bar modelling?

Year 3 writing expectation

Guided Reading questions to ask your child




 Monday 13th July 2020 at 7:00pm 

Hello Class 3DT! 

By now you should be aware that from September, I will be your new Year 4 Class Teacher and I just wanted to send you a little note, to let you know that I am looking forward to meeting you all this week in our TEAMS Transition Sessions, which have been planned for: 

Wednesday 15th July 2020 at 10:45am until 11:15am 

Friday 17th July 2020 at 9:45am until 10:15am 

No doubt, I will recognise many of you from the school playground and/or from inside our school building, but please give me a little time to learn all your names. 

A big thank you goes to Mrs Towers, who has kindly sent you invitations to join me in the above TEAMS meetings and she has sent me your excellent questions too, which I will try to answer in our sessions.

Whether you are at home or in school, remember to keep working hard with your learning. The term has nearly ended and your summer break will soon begin! 

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs M Baxter


So this is your final full week as Year 3 children. And what a year it has been . The year of lockdown!!!!!

Please look at the times below which will cover this week and the Monday and Tuesday of the following week. Mr Crick is looking forward to meeting with you on the dates and times below. I will schedule the meeting on 3FC and meeting Crick  Join here 

Mrs Crampton 

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Writing Session with Mrs Dark

Wow, what brilliant ideas you all had to help write our Traction Man story.

Click here to read all the work that we did together.

Mrs Dark x

Outdoor Learning at Home!

Find ideas to try Outdoor Learning activities to do at home on our webpage.

W/C 22nd June 2020







White Rose Maths

Lesson 1 – Right angles in shapes

Now watch today's video:

Monday 22.6.20 worksheet

Monday 22.6.20 answers

Monday 22.6.20 challenge

Spelling Focus: sc and ey words with ei or eigh spelling and homophones.

As lots of your words over the next few weeks are homophones - words which sound the same but are spelt differently - it is important to know the difference.  Make sure that you know how to use them in a sentence.  You could create a poster to help you remember them and add to the poster over the next few weeks.       LCWCh Sheet


Traction Man

We are going to study the book 'Traction Man'.  First, listen to the story using the link above. If you have a copy at home then you could read along.

Now you have listened to the story, you are going to write a description of Traction Man.


White Rose Maths

Lesson 2 –  Compare angles

Now watch today's video:

23.6.20 worksheet

Tuesday 23.6.20 answers

Tuesday 23.6.20 challenge


Today, we are going to improve some sentences all about Superheros!

First, watch this clip all about prepostions.

Now, take a look at these sentences and have a go at up levelling them using prepositions, adjectives and adverbs.

Superhero sentences


White Rose Maths

Lesson 3  – Horizontal and vertical

This link will take you to today’s video:

Wednesday 24.6.20 worksheet

Wednesday 24.6.20 answers

Wednesday 24.6.20 challenge


Over the next few days, you are going to write your own version of Traction Man.

Use this PowerPoint to help you generate your ideas and plan your new version.

Now use this sheet to write out your ideas ready for tomorrow.


White Rose Maths

Lesson 4 – Parallel and Perpendicular

This link will take you to today’s video:

Thursday 25.6.20 worksheet

Thursday 25.6.20 answers

Thursday 25.6.20 challenge

It's writing time!

Make sure you use your plan from yesterday to help with your ideas.

Have a look at this version of the original story written in prose (no pictures) to give you some ideas.

Use this sheet to write on - you can add your own picture to the top when finished.



Arithmetic 30 minutes Test

Lesson 5 –Keeping skills sharp

Arithmetic Test 4 for Year 3 with answers at the end


Today you can use this time to finish and then edit your story.  Remember that editing doesn't just mean ticking the boxes but adding extra parts to your story to improve it.

Editing sheet


This week’s school topic is: Superheroes

From this list of activities, choose the things you would like to do linked to this topic:

* Simpler activities   ***More complex challenges.


Bonjour la classe! Comment ça va?

This week we’re going to look at which fruits you don’t like eating using the simple phrase Je n’aime pas  = I don’t like

Link for the pdf file                  or             Link for the ppt file


Focus ending; sound spelt sc and ey words with ei or eigh and homophones

Outdoor Learning at Home!

If you are going on a walk, exploring a local outdoor area or playing in your garden, you may like to have a go at some of these outdoor learning activities. Click this link to take a look at Mrs Llewellyn's suggestions!

This week in School- Year 3

Week beginning 23rd March 2020

Daily extras:






Monday 23.3.20

Tally chart and pictograms using 2 different keys

Stone Age poem - identify adjectives, nouns, verbs and similes

Stone Age cave art – produce your own ‘hands’ Stone Age art

Tuesday 24.3.20

White Rose Maths

Lesson 1 – Unit and non-unit fractions homelearning/year-3/


Stone Age poem – look at the poem from yesterday. From what we’ve learnt so far, replace lines 1, 3 and 5 in each verse.


Stone Age cave art – think of other places that you could this, such as your patio, garden etc.

Wednesday 25.3.20

White Rose Maths

Lesson 2 – Making the whole homelearning/year-3/


Find out facts about Skara Brae- more to follow

Choose 5 facts from the internet and write up in your own words so that you can remember them.

Stone Age cave art –Find out why Stone Age people painted on cave walls. How did they make their paint? Have a go at sketching in the style of a Stone Age person. You might even want to try it with a twig!

Thursday 26.3.20

White Rose Maths

Lesson 3 – Tenths homelearning/year-3/


 Create a fact file about Skara Brae- more information to follow

Stone Age Song -

We would like you to learn this song


Friday 27.3.20

White Rose Maths

Lesson 4 – Count in tenths homelearning/year-3/


Handrwiting- poetry  Write up your poem using your neatest joined handwriting. Make sure that your letters are the correct size and that your writing sits on the line. Add pictures around the edges to show what your poem is about.

Now add some body percussion to the song: watch?v=sW2DY1OpgrI




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