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Hello Year 4!

So, we have nearly made it!  In only a few days you will be leaving year 4 to become Year 5s with Mrs Crampton and Mrs Whittaker.  It seems like only yesterday we were having to say goodbye but nearly 5 months have passed since lockdown and home learning began.

With all this in mind you will find below the link to the time capsule that you will creating this week all about your experiences during lockdown whether you have been at home or at school during this time.  There are lots of different activities for you to complete with your family for you to put into your capsule so take your time and in many years time you can look back at what it was like for you during your time in Year 4 and the year 2020.

Please don't forget to keep in touch with anything you have been doing via email as we love to know what you have been up to.

We will miss you all and have a lovely summer break.

Mrs Dark and Mrs Whittaker x

Lockdown Time Capsule    

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Topic Work - Lockdown Time Capsule

The year 2020 has been very strange indeed and will be spoken about in years to come and a time capsule will help the generations that come after us to know exactly what it was like during this time.

We would like you to create your very own time capsule to help capture your memories of life during lockdown.  Follow the link to discover how to make one and the items that need to go inside.  Keep your time capsule safe and then in years to come you will be able to remember what is was like to be in Year 4 in 2020!

Lockdon Time Capsule   

Scarlett's work this week!

During the week Scarlett has seen a grasshopper on her front step and a swarm of honey bees that stayed in her garden for a couple of days during her time hunting for minibeasts.

She has also completed a fantastic letter to Lila from her father. Brilliant work Scarlett!

   grasshopper and scarlett   grasshopper

letter       scarlett and letter


If you were unable to attend the transition meeting, the flip chart is here

Work commencing 13th July

Week beginning 13th July 2020   

NB: This is the last week for home learning to be set daily.


Maths - Time

Literacy – Firework Maker’s Daughter




Converting 12 hour to 24 hour

10 am – 4CD Live lesson

Power Point or PDF

Task and answers

In this part of the chapter we meet Lila’s best friend – Chulak and his elephant Hamlet.

Read this section and make a note of the things that you would need to do to look after Hamlet if he came to stay.



This week all spellings are going to be based on the Year 3 and 4 words.


Use this reference sheet to remind you of the words and pick out the ones you find the hardest to remember.  You will be tested on a random selection of 20 words from the list so make sure you look and learn them all!


You could try to use rainbow colours to remember the words, use LCWCh, make a poster or anything else that will help you to remember these words before you enter year 5.  These sheets will also help you to practice the words before the spelling test.



Solving problems involving time

10 am – 4CD Live lesson

Have a look at this PDF for some hints for how to solve these problems.

Task and answers

Using your notes from yesterday write a set of instructions for how to look after Hamlet.


You could use this template to write on.

Wednesday 15.7.20

A mixture of time problems.

Now is the chance to test your knowledge from the past 2 weeks.  

Tasks and answers - all levels

Choose a level to try (they get harder as you go up)

10 am – 4CD Live Lesson

In chapter 2, Lila decides to follow her dreams and become a firework maker.  Let’s read what happens next to her and her father. 

Make some notes about the difficulties that he explains she will face on the way.

Thursday 16.7.20

Word problems

Again another chance to test your knowledge from the whole year with a selection of two-step problems to try.  Choose a level to try (they get harder as you go up)

Level 1      Level 2      Level 3

Your task is to write a letter from her father back to Lila, explaining the difficulties that she will face and begging her to come home. 

Use the information that you found out yesterday to help with what you would say.

4CD Teams Plan



Arithmetic papers - Tests 5 and 6

Test 5      Test 6

You have 30 minutes to complete each arithmetic test.  The answers are at the end of the test.

Let’s carry on reading to the end of the chapter to find out about Lila’s journey.

Oh no!  What is she going to do now?  What would you do if you were in the same situation?  Write a paragraph to describe your decision.

Spelling Test

10 am 4CD Live Spelling Test.

Ask someone at home to chose 20 random words from the list to test you on.

This week’s school topic: Minibeasts             

From the list of activities, choose the things you would like to do linked to this topic:

* Simpler activities       *** More complex challenges

A new member of Year 4

Here is the newest member of Year 4 - a baby duckling that hatched a few days ago. Today it has been helping me to do all my school work but I think I have worn it out as it has fallen fast asleep!

Duckling  Duckling

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