St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

Year 4

Curriculum Map 2020-2021

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Dear Year 4,

Welcome back to St Johns and of course to Year 4.  After what has seemed like forever, we can finally come back together in our class bubbles ready to learn.

Mr Crick will be teaching in 4NC and Mrs Evans is currently looking after 4MB.  Mrs Dark will also be working with you all via Teams until she goes on maternity leave after half term.  Also Mrs Mason and Mrs Compton are joining the Year 4 team and will be working between each bubble.

Remember that, although there are changes to the school and to your day, everything has been put into place for your safety.  If you are worried about anything, then please let an adult in school or your parents know so we can help you to feel safe and happy when you are back at school. 

Mr Crick, Mrs Evans, Mrs Baxter, Mrs Dark, Mrs Mason and Mrs Compton


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Homework - Friday 16th October

For the Literacy research sheet see last week's homework below.

Homework - Friday 9th October

Homework - Friday 2nd October

Homework - Friday 25th September

Homework - Friday 18th September

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