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Mrs Crampton and Mrs Whitaker 

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timetable for home learning

Year 5  Timetable for Week Beginning: 04.01.21


Independent reading

Maths session


Literacy session

Class Reader



Training Day


Training Day

Training Day

Training Day

Training Day



20 mins

Training Day

Training day

Training Day


Training day



20 mins



White Rose: White Rose: lesson recap 3 digit by 1 digit



To deduce information about a character from a visual text


Class read 2.30pm



20 mins



White Rose: multiply 4 digit by 1 digit


PHSE – healthy choices


Literacy: To know how to retrieve relevant facts and record in note form



Class read 2.30pm



20 mins and complete summary of weeks reading – Use somebody wanted but so then to structure.



White Rose:multiply 2 digits area model

Science – forces gears and pulleys

Literacy: To know how to visualise and respond to a scene pictorially

Class read 2.30pm

Viking Homework- to be handed in 21st January


Dear all


We hope you are having a wonderful Christmas and New Year break. Now we're in tier 4, we might be feeling a little lost for things to do.

If this is the case, why not get a head-start and choose one or two of these Viking activities.

You could then email your work or post on TEAMS for your friends to see.  

This weeks History / Literacy homework

For literacy homework this week, we would like you to research 1 area of Anglo Saxon life.

You may choose 1 topic from the following list and may present it however you wish. This will help you to contribute to our history lessons next week when we will be looking at how the Anglo Saxons lived

  • What was it like to be a child in Anglo Saxon times?
  • What were Anglo Saxon homes like?
  • What jobs did Anglo Saxons do?
  • Religion in Anglo Saxon times

Try to find as much detail as you can.

The following sites might be useful

 Remember to take care when searching online and check with an adult if you come across anything you are unsure of.

This week's Maths Homework- Friday 20th November

Maths Homework

Friday 20th November to hand in on Wednesday 25th November


This week, we have been learning about factors, prime number, composite numbers and square numbers. Your task is to showing your understanding in these areas and display them in a way that will help you remember these. We would like you to include examples of these types of numbers

The following websites may be helpful or any maths information books you may have at home, or search engines that you would like to use. If searching the web, please have adult present if you don’t have restrictions on your computer; bbc bitsize factors composite numbers,3%C2%B2%20%3D%203%20x%203%20%3D%209 bbc bitsize square numbers all about prime numbers


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