St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

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Electricity - including how to read and draw circuit diagrams and then use them to build and test electrical circuits.
Light - in particular how we see things and how light travels.
Living things and their habitats - this covers classification of living things.
Animals, including humans - covering diet, exercise and lifestyle as well as the circulatory and digestive systems.
Microorganisms - the study of the types, their effects and how they are spread or controlled.
Evolution and Inheritance - How living things have changed over time. 



Multimedia Presentations - An in depth research project on Evacuation in World War Two using Prezzi as a method of presentation.
Spreadsheets - How to use Excel to produce spreadsheets with built in formula and graphs.
Programming - using Lego 'Mindstorms' to write and debug programmes that control a robot.



World War 2 - Not only will this cover key events and personalities but focuses in on the experiences of children during the war - in particular The Blitz, Evacuation and Rationing. We also compare the British experience with that of children in Germany and Japan.
Local Study - a study of famous people of the area including a trip to The Gentleman's Society..



Locational knowledge of the UK and Europe - map and atlas skills.
Mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes - Human and physical aspects of various regions of the world such as San Francisco and Mount Fuji in Japan as well as using them as a comparison to the UK.



Pop Art - a study of the work of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein as well as creating original work inspired by them. Propaganda - a study of Propaganda art of World War Two.
Sculpture - creating original clay sculptures of microorganisms.
Containers - making end of year memory boxes based on the art of Clarice Cliff.
Japanese Art - including Willow Pattern and Calligraphy.


Shelters - build a wood framed structure linked to World War Two air raid shelters. 

A few years ago we even managed to investigate the structures of shelters by building an igloo!

Containers - inspired by the work of Clarice Cliff the children will design and make an end of year memory box.

Cooking & Nutrition - this will include cooking a World War 2 rationing recipe, a balanced meal based on seasonal produce and a Japanese meal such as noodles, stir fry or Sushi.


Listen to, appreciate and learn a range of World War 2 songs.
Create a World War Two Marching chant.
Percusssion composition.
Composing original music for a Science Fiction theme (based on the War of the Worlds music).


Judaism, Islam and Faith


6 termly themes - New Beginnings, Getting on and Falling Out, Going for Goals, Good to be me, Relationships and Changes.


Indoor - Gymnastics and Dance
Outdoor - Cricket, Volleyball, Netball and Athletics.