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Maths Homework Help

Sometimes you might need to check how to use a certain method or want to challenge yourself with an extra activity... so we've found a range of websites that will help you! Get ready to learn and have FUN too!

Maths Bootcamp by Compare4Kids  - Recommended by Mr Crick and Mrs Stray1 - Y6 Star

  •  Take on the challenge of the mental maths boot camp  from Compare4kids!

Crickweb - KS2 Numeracy

  • This is a fantastic website with a range of interactive resources and activities. You might even recognise some that we have used in class!


  • There are lots of categories to choose from like: ordering and sequencing, data handling and problem solving! Take your pick and have a go!

Maths is fun! - Recommended by Mr Crick and Mrs Stray1 - Y6 Star

  • An excellent page to tell you anything you need to know to help you with revision of topics! Explore the bits you find tricky!

TES iboard

  • Lots of brilliant activities to help you with your homework or revisit areas we've already covered!

IXL Maths

  • You can choose Year 6 from the year group list and then you have free access to lots of timed challenge activities. We also like how these show how to correct any mistakes!

Arcademic Builders

  • A superb maths game website which covers all four rules of number and really tricky things like algebra!

BBC Bitesize Maths

  • With a selection of activities and subjects that you can play, read about and test yourself with a quiz. An excellent resource that might help you with revision!