St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

Homework in Year 6.

Homework Rules

  • Homework is given out on Friday each week to be returned by the following Wednesday.
  • English and Maths homework are given out on each of these days.
  • Each subject should take approximately an hour and a half each week.
  • We give the children several days to complete the work to enable them to see us if they do not fully understand a task or need additional help.


Spellings are given to the children on a Monday for a test the following Monday.Children are expected to find the meaning of words they do not know. The test may sometimes take the form of definitions being read rather than the actual word.

Homework Diaries 

Homework diaries should be brought into school on any days when Homework is due in or given out.

Homework diaries can be used as a form of communication between home and school.  For example: if your child has struggled with the work.

Homework Hand In Days

Children are expected to hand work in on time.  We feel this helps, in some way, to prepare them for secondary school.

Therefore, we operate a 'One Strike' rule.  If children forget their Homework or Homework Diaries once in a Term, they will be allowed to bring it in on the next school day.  However, if they forget it a second time in the same term, they will be expected to complete extra work during lunch time.